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The Nintendo 3DS - Absolution Dates, Specs & More

The r4i gold 3ds kernel download was appear aback on February 26th, 2011 in Japan. And on March 27th actuality in North America. Huge curve of humans in Japan camped out for canicule to be the aboriginal to get their easily on this new coveted console. Afterwards all, it\'s not every day we can play amateur in abounding 3D, afterwards defective any blazon of appropriate accessories or glasses.

Just 3 canicule afterwards the Japanese absolution date, the humans abaft the r4i gold 3ds uk agenda were harder at plan to amend their firmware to plan with the new 3DS system. And they succeeded, absolution the actual aboriginal 3DS accordant beam card. While the agenda alone works in DS mode, which agency you can amount all DS and DSi homebrew amateur and applications, it\'s accepted that a 3DS specific agenda will anon be accessible too! Which is abundant account for indie and homebrew developers in general.

Now, why is this significant? Well, we accept just a few amateur to aces from on the Nintendo 3DS, and accepting admission to a huge library of already accessible homebrew amateur is just what the gaming doctor ordered. With the R4i 3DS you\'ll be able to download and play any one of the several bags apps and amateur already appear by indie developers.


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How to install the kernel of flashcard Correctly?


Some of the flashcard new users are not familar with how to install the kernels, if kernels are installed incorrectly, the flashcard will not be read by your console. Now there are kinds of flashcard just as R4 DS serise,Acekard 2i, M3i Zero….. but they kernel install steps should the similar. so for new users, below install steps can be your reference:



1.Format your microsd card: First of all,format your microsd card, please note use FAT32 to format it.



2.Download kernels: There is the offical website showed on each flashcard, download the latest kernels.(the kernels download should be an zip files,take below picture as example:)



kernel download



3.Unzip the kernel download-There will be some folders and files in it, copy them into the Root directory of microsd card.






4.Insert the microsd in correct direction into Flashcard, then insert the flashcard into Solt-1 of your console,start, the flashcard will be working.



Note: Please note, there are two points need to pay attention to, Firstly, when format the microsd card, please choose FAT32 format. Secondly, all the files of kernels should be unzip and copy to the Root directory of the microsd card.





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R4i Gold Plus was released by team

R4i Gold Plus was released by team!

R4i GOLD PLUS series products are brand new products developed by, The developers have done the great update for the software and the great upgrade for the hardware .It can be compatible with all Nitendo latest games, the game loading speed is faster than any other flashcard.The hardware use the high precision finish chip to speed up the game running speed, the power consumation is very low. The comaptibility of the micro SD is improved as well. Third-party software support, software updates faster, users can experience a variety of other functions of the kernel. R4i Gold Plus support 3DS V2.1.0 & DSi V1.4.3 and any lower version!

There are 2 kinds of package of R4i Gold Plus:

R4i Gold Plus luxury package(With card writer & compact stand); R4i Gold PLus simple pack

R4i Gold Plus Unique features:

1.Firmware writer include: Users can use it upgrade R4i Gold Plus card directly by connect to PC.

2.Super speed for loading: by tested, this R4i Gold Plus with super fast speed when loading games, this is the most important advantage compare with other R4 ds card.

What’s the different between R4i Gold Plus luxury package & R4i Gold Plus Simple package?

R4i Gold Plus luxury package and simple package have the same flashcard-R4i Gold Plus, but the accerrories are much different.R4i Gold Plus luxury package including extra firmware writer & compact stand, the firmware writer can connect the R4i Gold plus card into PC for directly upgrade.R4i Gold Puls simple package just including a R4i SDHC Gold plus card and a card reader.


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How to Change r4 card language?


As we know, there are many kinds of R4 cards in the market,such as R4 DS,R4i Gold 3ds,m3i,R4i SDHC,R4iTT,Acekard 2i,Supercard DSTwo and so on. All of them can support multi-language. (Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German,Italian, Spainish). While users get the r4 card, the default R4 language may not fit his location. So many palyers should learn how to change the language on R4 card. Though different r4 card has different menu and theme, the process of change r4 language are almost the same.
The manufacturer of R4 cards appreciates that as these cards are used Internationally. R4 card can be used on Nintendo 3DS, Dsi/DsiLL/DsiXL and DS Lite. Mostly the default R4 language is English.
How Change R4 Language on DSi/DSiLL/DSiXL and DS Lite
First of all you need to insert your R4 card into the game slot of your Nintendo Console. This could be the standard DS or DSlite, or even the DSi or DSi XL. When you turn your console on you will need to access the home screen of the R4 card. The “Home” screen displays the following 3 icons.
GAMES – This is where you can locate all of your game files
MULTIMEDIA – Look here for your video, music and image files!
CONFIG – This is where your settings menu is
When you select the “Config” icon in your R4 home screen you will be taken to a screen that will give you two options, it is important to select the “CONFIG” option and NOT the “UPGRADE” option at this time as this could permanently damage your R4i card.
Once the “CONFIG” option has been selected on this second screen you will see a whole array of options to personalise your R4 card!! We are interested in the LANGUAGE function, on selecting this you will be able to change your R4i card to support the following languages.
– French
– Italian
– German
Then simply hit the “BACK” button and away you go! You can now play your R4 card in your chosen language, easy peasy!
How to Change R4 Language on Nintendo 3DS
It is more easy to change R4 language on a 3DS console.
Firstly, insert the r4 card into the 3DS, turn on the power, you will enter 3ds homemenu.
Secondly, choose the “system settings” key to settle the 3DS system. There are 4 menu in this interface, “internet settings”, “Parental controls”, “data Management” and “other settings”.
Thirdly, choose the “other settings” to enter.
Forthly, enter page 4, you will find 3 button: “language”, “system update”, “format system memory”. Choose the language menu and click.
Finally, you will find the R4 language option, such as English, France, Japanese….. choose any language you like. Press “Ok” button to confirm. Then the R4 language is changed.


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Why Buy flashcard?


1. R4 3DS card is easy to set up
R4 3DS card contains the excellence of R4 card. It is very easy to set up and operate. For a green hand, especially for a child, the complicated setup process will be bothersome. But most R4 3DS cards don’t have this problem. While users get the package, just go official website,(printed on the r4 card) download the latest r4i kernel and games to the computer, then copy the kernel and games to the root directory of the MicroSD card. All things are finished, users can start to play games. Latest R4i kernel can be find in official website, and the games can be find in some other website, such as or Isn’t it very simple?



2. R4 3DS card can work in all Nintendo consoles
R4 3DS card have very good compatibility. It supports all previous Nintendo console. Including 3DS, DSi, DSILL, DsiXL, DS lite. No matter your latest 3DS V4.5.0-10 console, or DSi V1.4.5 version, the R4 3Ds card can run DSi games perfectly, no need any upgrade. So if you have more than 1 consoles, 1 R4 3DS card is enough for you, you don’t need to buy other R4 DS or R4 DSi card any more.(3DS games can’t run on R4 3DS card currently)



3. R4 3DS card never break Nintendo console
Many players is worry about the damage to the console brought by R4 card. They think the R4 3DS card may break their 3DS firmware. But it is really a misunderstanding. Actually, the R4 3DS card is 100% safe for Nintendo console. As all files of R4 card are stored the MicroSD card. you can easily delect them or format the MicroSD card. There is no software put into the 3DS console, so it is impossible to affect the Nintendo firmware. Even the R4 card is broken, it will be unrecognized by Nintendo console, but never bring any influence.
4. Many options
There are many R4 3DS cards in the market now. Most of them are excellent and with good compatibility. Such as R4i SDHC 3DS, R4i 3DS, R4iTT 3DS, R4i-Gold 3DS, R4i RTS, Acekard 3i, M3i Zero, Supercard DStwo, TT 3DS, R4i Gold Plus and so on. They have different packages, different operation interface, different price, and different functions. If you want Super quality and powerful functions, choose Supercard Dstow; if you want to save money, buy TT 3DS card; if you like most popular R4 3DS card, the R4i SDHC 3DS or R4i Gold 3DS card is optional.. No matter which you like, you can find a suitable R4 3DS card for use.



5. R4 3DS card support many new games
R4 3DS firmware updated very fast. As Nintendo is continuously update the console and release new games, R4 3DS team also release update patch to fix the latest console. They always release new kernel to support the Nintendo new games. By their hard work, users can play many new games.



Want to play free games? Want to save money? Want more joy and less trouble? Buy R4 card.





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